Relationship between gender and math grades

I completed my first project-based course: Data science workflows which focused on reproducibility of data analysis projects. I learnt to:

  • Write R, Python and shell scripts for non-interactive data analysis

  • Automate data science workflows (using e.g., Make)

  • Manage project software and environment dependencies (using e.g., Docker)

  • Use a Git/GitHub forking-pull request collaboration approach to collaboratively work on a data analysis project

My teammate and I worked with the UCI Student Performance Data Set to evaluate the relationship between a student gender (Female/Male) and their final math grade. We reported the results of a two-tailed hypothesis test that determine if there was a statistically significant difference in the mean math grade for male and female students. We also created a visualization of the data that shows the mean, confidence intervals and distribution for each sample (Female and Male).
The analysis can be found here.
Written on December 9, 2018